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Saddleback Location Change

The gate/camping area for Saddleback has changed. It will now be located at the following address:

Saddleback East
700 R D Kendall Rd
Bedford, KY 40006

GPS: 38.6471531 -85.252813

If you happen to go to the old entrance, there will be signs guiding you to the new location.

2021 TI Year End Meeting

Trials Inc. - Notes from the Meeting

  • TI will donate $1000 to the TDN. In addition, we will be doing various fundraisers throughout the year.
  • TI will donate $1000 to our TI Youth Fund. In addition, TI is selling shirts, hoodies and various other items with proceeds going to the Youth Fund.
  • TI will donate $500 to the AMA Motorcycle Museum.
  • Gate Fees have been standardized across all TI events. It will be $10.00 for 12/up. 11/under will be free. Camping fees can vary by venue.
  • The Women's class will run one less loop (i.e. at most events this would be 3 loops instead of 4)
  • Due to the need to have a more firm count for banquet attendance - we will limit banquet sign-ups to 80.