Trials Inc. - 2018 Schedule of Events


2018 Trials Incorporated Event Schedule

RoundEvent DateEventLocationContactPhone
1Nov 05 - 2017Banquet Trial Dayton, OHSteve Berry937-516-2458
2/3Apr 07/08Lightning Raceway Tippecanoe, OHLightning Weppler740-229-1313
4/5Apr 28/29Southington Garrettsville, OHGreg Conley814-795-4646
6/7Jul 21/22The Shop Trial (Night) North Benton, OHQuinn Wentzel330-207-2048
8/9Aug 18/19Toronto Toronto, OHEric Olmstead814-282-6659
10/11Sep 01/02Hanger's Newark, OHSteve Williams740-467-2910
12/13Sep 15/16HaycoFarms Bloomington, INDoug May812-821-1991
14/15Sep 29/30Saddleback Bedford, KYBrad Baumert502-515-6514
16/17Oct 13/14Wildwood Lake Raceway Little Hocking, OHGil Reed740-509-2368
--Nov 03/04Vintage Cup Finals South Bloomingville, OHTravis Daniels614-561-8818
1Nov 11Round 1 of 2019 Season Dayton, OHSteve Berry937-516-2458

Next Event:
Bedford, KY - September 29/30 2018

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