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*** TORONTO - Oct 17/18 has been CANCELLED ***

The TI Points Series for 2020 has been cancelled. Some of the events will still take place, however, they will be considered non-points events and will not be required to be run like a typical TI event. For example, some events will be run as a gate trial with self checking, others may be run with the typical TI class structure, but be peer or self checked. The 2020 scheduled has been updated to be as current as possible, but may be updated at any time. Please always check the TI schedule page before traveling to any event.

Jim Zuroske

2019 HOF Inductee

The TI HOF inductee for 2019 is Jim Zuroske. JimmyZ has been a big part of TI for many years and we're very excited to add his name to the TI Hall of Fame for 2019!

The HOF page for JimmyZ is under construction, but should be available soon.

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The TI Shop is live. You can order TI shirts, hoodies and other items with the click of a button. All TI Shop purchases support our youth trials program. Just follow the link below or the "Shop" link in the main menu to start shopping today.


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