Edwin Klein [2015]

Edwin Klein was one of the four founding fathers of Trials Incorporated. Ed, as everyone knew him, was married to Peggy, and together they had 7 children with their oldest being Royce. Ed's love of motorcycles began long before his involvement in observed trials as he originally had a Norton and raced flat-track. Peggy says, "he would go and work on that Norton every night in the garage and it was the best bike but he was the worst rider in flat track."

Eventually Ed switched from flat track racing to enduros, hare scrambles, and observed trials. He would load up the whole family, all 7 kids and Peggy, into a van with up to 3 motorcycles along with all their camping gear to go to the events. Sometimes the kids would be sitting on lawn chairs in the van all smooshed together, but together they would go for the weekend to events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York to ride the different events.

Soon enough Ed and Royce were riding events together in the early 1970's, but yet there was no Ohio-based specific observed trials club, the moto sport that Royce was excelling at in his teenage years. So in 1973, Ed, along with Bill Clark, Joe Deucher, and Bill Galloway officially formed Trials Incorporated. Within the first few years of the existence of TI the club was being recognized for its organization, innovative ideas, and overall layout of sections. Membership numbers grew to great numbers as well as the spectators that were attending the events.

Ed himself did not continue to ride the trials as much after the mid 1970's as not only Royce, but younger sons Bill and Doug were riding the events by then as well. As anyone knows who has kids riding, mechanical skills to tend to the broken and mangled machines is always a handy trait to have, and Ed was a great mechanic. Ed even used his mechanic skills for employment opportunities from time to time.

Even after Ed stopped attending the trials events, his love of motorcycles, and especially BMW's never faded. He owned a BMW and would frequently take trips with Peggy to New York and Daytona yearly until his death.

James Watson [2015]

Jim first became interested in motorcycle competition through his cousin, Tom Spaur, a Champion Hill Climber. His first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 175 which he used in Hillclimb and Trials competition. In 1981 he rode his first National Trials, the Empire International at Watkins Glen, NY on an Italian SWM. Jim received a Finishers belt buckle for that event; one of his most prized awards.

Since then Jim has logged over 500,000 miles driving to Nationals and local events all over the country, and has over 100 National finisher pins to show for it. There was no event too far for the Watson family, Barbara and kids, to travel to.

Jim's other hobbies include reading, listening to country music, and computers, which he spent hours and hours on as Competition Secretary for Trials Inc. for over 25 years. Back then he would manually load all the results from events into the computer and calculate Championships in each class and promotion points as well. When Trials Inc stopped the promotion system and went to Computer sign-up and scoring, Jim moved to the job of Rider Feedback Poll for the NATC Series, which still had to be entered manually. Jim has always enjoyed the challenges that Trials brings and is use to taking the hard way.